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TheBigDig In-Game Rules

Discussion in 'Rules' started by spscarface, Feb 21, 2017.

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  1. spscarface

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    Jul 26, 2011
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    Welcome to the The Big Dig in game rules! These have been made to make everyone's in game experience better! So please read these before playing.

    And remember, staff have the final say in any situation.

    -TBD Fallout Staff

    Section 1. Server OOC Code of Conduct

    1. Do not speak in all caps in chat.
    2. Do not spam the chat.
    3. Do not advertise other servers.
    4. Hacked clients are prohibited.
    5. Respect staff and players.
    6. Do not backseat moderate, leave the staffing to the staff.
    7. Do not litter the global chat or roleplay chat with arguments, take all issues in a private chat with staff.
    8. Do not abuse bugs or loopholes on the server.
    9. Do not harass players or staff to do things in your favor.

    Section 2. Roleplay Rules

    1. Do NOT meta game role play information
      1. Definition: Using OOC (Out of Character) information for role play use when the character does not actually know in role play.
      2. Example: Someone told you in global that that Greg has a hidden chest under his bed, but in role play your character does not know. Although your character does not know about the chest you decide to raid it anyway. This is not allowed.
    2. Do NOT power game
      1. Definition: Using abilities in role play that your character would actually not be capable of.
      2. Example: You are in a close quarters fight. Your character does not have a gun, but your opponent does. Your character dodges every bullet and snaps the opponent's weapon in half.
    3. ERP is fade to black only.
    4. Robbing players IRP is only allowed if the player you are robbing is online.
      1. Players that have been away from the server for 1 or more weeks may be robbed without being online.
    5. Permanent broad names are not allowed. Your character should have a legitimate name. If your character's face is concealed by a mask or face covering helmet, then it would be allowed to have a name like Masked_Man. Names do not need to be 50's Era, but must be realistic.
      1. Example: Someone named Mercenary would not be allowed because Mercenary is a title not a name. Someone named Random_Guy would not be allowed because Random guy is not a real name for a person.
    6. Characters made for getting revenge on another character is not allowed. Most common revenge characters include a family such as a brother, son, or father.
    7. Put "Another Settlement is in Trouble!" in your application to confirm you read the rules.
    8. After the death of a character, the player must re-apply to create a new character.
    9. No RDM, Killing a character for no reason is not allowed. Even if you're a raider.
    10. Understand Fear Role-Play. In real life when others are blatantly more advanced in weapons, armor, and overall gear, chances are you will not bad mouth them or attempt to fight them, because you will lose. This is no different than when role-playing. You are not invincible and that should be taken into account.
      1. Example: A Brotherhood of Steel Paladin comes strolling along the street in T-51b Power Armor and is wielding a Laser Rifle. You are wearing lightweight leather armor and have a pocket knife. A proper action would be: “ *steps back a couple feet, trying not to be noticed by the Paladin* ”. He then wants to search you for contraband. A proper reaction might be “Ugh.. are you sure? I don’t got anything good on me. *Smiles nervously as he begins to empty his pockets for the Paladin*”
    11. Alt accounts are not allowed.
    12. Players are allowed a max of two playable characters. Both characters cannot be apart of the same town or faction. You may only switch between characters 5 days after the previous switch.
    13. Characters are prohibited from returning to the location of their home or body of their previous character for 24 hours.
    Section 3. Faction Rules

    1. A faction application is required before creating a faction.
    2. Creating a faction requires 3 players (Including yourself).
    3. Player made factions have a limit to 10 players per faction.
    4. Factions are only allowed to claim one area only as their main base (Unless staff give permission to claim other areas beforehand).
    5. If a faction is being robbed, only the faction members that are online during the robbing are allowed to be robbed. Faction community chest can be robbed if most faction member are online.
    6. Joining factions to steal their things is not allowed.
    7. Example: If you join a faction and rob the community chest when you are the only faction member online is not allowed.
    Section 4 : Punishment Scale

    Before Banning or Temp-Banning 3 Verbal warnings must be given, then a kick warning IF specified.
    (This goes for all except Hacking)

    Language: Use Warning Kick after three verbal warnings. If continuous use intense language punishments.

    Spamming: Use Warning Kick after one verbal warning. First offence 48 Hour Temp-Ban. After First Offence maximum 3 permanent Bans with appeals. After Permanent Ban.

    Intense Use of Language in Global: First Offence 12 Hour Temp-Ban. Second Offence 24 hour Temp-Ban. Third Offence 48 hour Temp-Ban. After Third Offence maximum 3 permanent Bans with appeals. After Permanent Ban.

    Harassing Others: First Offence 48 hour Temp-Ban. Second Offence 1 week Temp-Ban Third Offence Permanent Ban With appeal. Continuous harassment is a permanent ban.

    Griefing: First Offence 24 hour Temp-Ban. Second Offence 48 hour Temp-Ban. Third Offence Permanent Ban with ban appeal. Fourth Offence Permanent Ban.

    Intense Spam: Permanent ban for guest. First Offence is a 48 hour Temp-Ban. Second Offence is a Permanent Ban with ban appeal. Third Offence is a Permanent ban without appeal.

    Hacking: Ban on sight. May have a ban appeal on the first offence of hacking. Second offence is a permanent ban.
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