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SmartScout's Character Application

Discussion in 'Fallout Player Applications' started by SmartScout, Aug 28, 2018.

  1. SmartScout

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    Oct 22, 2017
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    | Out of Character Information |

    In Game Name (IGN) : SmartScout

    Have you joined our Discord? : Not Yet, I will ASAP

    Age : 17

    Gender : Male

    Have you read our server rules? : Yes, "Another Settlement is in Trouble!"

    Do you have any experience with serious RP servers? : Yes, several, including Lord of the Craft and Rise of Kings

    On a scale of 1-10, how familiar are you with Fallout and its lore? : 6 or 7. I've played New Vegas mostly through and read some wikis and in-game books about deeper lore. I've also watched video reviews

    Define Power Gaming in your own words? : Making your character impossible to destroy or beat through impossible or improbable means.

    Provide an example of Power Gaming. : Dodging bullets, surviving tons of punches, shaking off a mortal wound like it's nothing

    Define Meta Gaming in your own words? : Using OOC information In character.

    Provide an example of Meta Gaming. : Knowing someone's troop movements ooc and using it to intercept them in character with no reason to know IC or to know a person's entire history from their bio and use it IC.

    ---] ======================== [---

    | In Character Information |

    Character name : Robert Bruce

    Age : 20

    Gender : Male

    Race (people without permission for other races must be Wastelander, Super Mutant or Ghoul) : Wastelander

    Height : 6'

    Weight : 145 lbs

    Character appearance : Robert has brown hair and green eyes with a rough beard, not being able to shave often in the harsh wasteland. He is tall, but fairly thin. He'd generally wear a thick, brown leather jacket with plenty of insulation to keep him warm, with a white t-shirt underneath. He'd usually carry several weapons with him, though they'd generally be hidden by his coat unless he chose to use them. He also tends to wear a Pip Boy to keep track of his current location and objectives, and to collect data from the computers of places he infiltrates.

    Character personality : He is generally reserved, not tending to start conversation unless it is necessary, preferring to listen instead. When approached, you'll find him to be friendly enough. He is quite stubborn and hot headed when angered or frustrated, and will often forego careful planning and thought if things deviate from his plan, thinking of a new solution on the spot, often involving guns.

    Opinion About Mutants/Ghouls: Neutral, as he mistrusts them at first, but if they act decently and aren't the aggressors he wouldn't attack on sight and may even help them.

    Minecraft skin : Attached, though it may change, as I suck at skinning

    D&D alignment : Chaotic Good

    ---] S.P.E.C.I.A.L [---

    You have 40 points to allocate into your special, no stat should be zero, the most a

    stat can have is 10.

    S : 5

    P : 8

    E : 6

    C : 3

    I : 9

    A : 6

    L : 3

    Do not give your character special abilities or items through your backstory. You will not be given starter items. Minimum of 300 words.

    Backstory : Robert was born in the Hub, son of a prospector and a shopkeep. He started taking after his father's profession from a young age, going with him to look for pre-war items and weapons. In doing this he learned his way around a gun and was able to find many books to read, both from before and after the war. He also learned useful skills like first aid, hacking, lockpicking, and basic survival and hunting while on these trips or from books he read. He lived in the NCR and generally respected the values they upheld of freedom and the old American way. As he grew, he started to go prospecting by himself, looking for both valuable tech to use or sell and for books to expand his knowledge. However, he found the land around the NCR was already picked through, so he started heading north, hearing rumors of lands with extremely advanced technology that were generally safer than the Mojave. So, he started to head north, prospecting or working stints as a caravan guard until he reached Alaska. His current goals are to seek out new knowledge and technology, taking odd jobs here and there, and helping people when he can.

    Politically, he'd generally align with the Canadian government, though he would also be fine dealing with the Brotherhood of Steel or the US Remnants, though, if the NCR decided to move into the Northern Territories, he'd likely back his homeland. He has a very strong distaste for Indigo, the Communists, and the Westside Slaver Federation, as he believes in the freedom of all people and in the old values of the American Republic before the war.

    Write down your character’s reaction, and what he/she would do in the following scenario :
    It's your day off from doing whatever work that it is you do and you decided to spend it hanging out at the local bar and inn. After a whole day of putting down beers the bartender tells you it is late and it is almost closing time. You think to yourself that you would leave, but you got into some beef with a shady character while in the bar earlier over whether or not a Mole Rat can kill a Giant Ant, so you don't know if it would be safe to leave. This guy, he isn't here alone, so you aren't sure if he and his friends will jump you outside, plus, you forgot to bring your .44 magnum with you on your day off. If they did jump you the only thing of value you have on you are your 75 left over caps from the night, a combat knife, and your gold plated lighter. You would glance up at the room prices for a night above the bar and would read, "100 Caps a night". You look around the bar looking for other options and you see someone coming out of the restroom. You look towards the Bartender for help, she looks down trying to mind her own business, she probably knows you're in a pickle.

    What you have on you:
    x75 Caps
    x1 Combat Knife
    x1 Gold Lighter
    x1 Bottle of Vodka you purchased to take back home
    x7 Pre-War Dollars

    What do you do? : Robert would look around and assess who is around of those he angered. If he finds that they are dispersed away from the door, he'd open the vodka bottle and start to walk out. if he was followed, he would open the bottle, splash some vodka on his attacker's face in an attempt to stun them, before making a small trail of vodka on the ground near the attacker, and, if the ground was not wood, lighting it before bolting off from the situation. This would hopefully stun his attacker enough and make them too busy being on fire to make chase. If worst came to worse, he'd try to use his knife.

    ((if you were looking for a full rp example with me making up emotes and dialogue for everyone, tell me and I'll edit it to that form))

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