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Discussion in 'Fallout Faction Applications' started by RavenInvazion, Jun 10, 2018.

  1. RavenInvazion

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    Dec 24, 2017
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    Faction Name : Skinflayers

    Location(s) : Military Base

    Leader(s) : Crimson The Harbinger [Invazion]

    Other Members (Excluding NPCs) :
    Cheese the Blacksmith [Shanked], Potato the Centaur [Keemo]

    NPCs of the Group:
    [ ] - Dead
    Flavour Tribals: Vak the Sage, Gor the Painter
    Mutants: Sir Oliver, [Hunter], Stronk, Verm
    Slaves: Jean Luke, [Mottz], Utah Son, Todd Palowski, 2x Mutant

    Assets : Wooden Furnace lvl 1, Anvil

    Goals :

    1. Establish a powerful raider tribe
    2. Capture and sell slaves
    3. Flay Cayenne

    Rules/Laws(If any) :

    Not participating in tribe raids is punishable
    by torture and enslavement.
    Otherwise none.

    D&D Alignment of Faction : Chaotic Evil

    Backstory(How you came to be) :

    The tribe began to from when Crimson has banded with two supermutants after a shootout
    with some tribals, among whom was Cayenne, in a basement. The group was joined by Cheese, a fellow mutant who offered his skills and was accepted by Crimson into the tribe. The nightkin was dealing with the Westside slavers, buying some slaves for work in the campsite.

    The secret campsite in the forest, which served as home for all the tribals, was discovered by the Brotherhood, and attacked. Crimson and the others had to flee. They took shelter in a seemingly abandoned military base.

    Thanks to Cheese, the successful broadcasting brought by several mutants, who either agreed to join or were apprehended and enslaved. The group grew stronger, performing several raids upon local wasters, and bringing some attention to their acts.

    The tribe was joined by Potato, a deformed Vault dweller, who Cheese thought was a weird centaur. He was spared his life, and chose to provide them with some "information."

    The Skinflayers, as their leader Crimson chooses to call her bunch, were rallied against the Mormon trading outpost, whom they decimated and enslaved the surviviors. This marked the "official" foundation of the tribe, with Skinflayers finally controlling the nearby territory.


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