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Recruitment for Staff - OPEN

Discussion in 'Fallout Staff Applications' started by TheCuteChicken, Mar 10, 2015.

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  1. TheCuteChicken

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    Feb 3, 2012
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    Recruitment OPEN

    Welcome! The server is always looking for bright and new staff members to help us out. We go through the player made applications in this thread to help us in determining who would be a good moderator. Moderators enforce the rules and keep the server a fun and enjoyable place for all. If you think you have what it takes and meet our rules for applying, then try it out!

    Rules For Applying. (These are our requirements, if you don't meet one then please don't post an application)

    Been an active member for at least three weeks.
    Nice and clean record on the server.
    Know good English and correct grammar.
    Know our forum and server rules pretty well.
    Builder rank and staff's trust is helpful, but not required.

    If you meet the requirements above and want to be a staff member, then try making an application! When you create your application create it in this section of the forums. Name it "(your name)'s Moderator Application". Then in the large area below that, please copy the following and paste it there.

    What is your IGN (In game name)?
    Have you joined our Discord?:
    Your timezone (GMT):
    Your usual play time (Per week):
    Why do you want to be an assistant? (Minimum 100 words):
    What experience have you had DM'ing on a server? (List server names as references, IPs are not desired):
    Do you consider your self a social type of person? (Good with people, and good at understanding their problems?) Rate your social skills from 1 - 10 (Be honest; dishonesty will be considered a negative quality) and explain what qualities you possess to prove this:
    Do you consider yourself good with plugins and server management? Rate your proficiency from 1 - 10 and explain what qualities you possess to prove this:
    How well do you know Fallout lore? Rate your lore knowledge from 1 - 10:
    Are you fluent in any other languages than English?:
    Let's say you catch someone Flyhacking. What would you do?:
    Two players are arguing obnoxiously over a RP fight between them and disrupting the server. What would you do?:
    A player powergames and no staff other than you is on the server. What would you do?:
    Do you know how to protect regions with WorldGuard?:
    Do you know how to use Prism?:
    Are you a good builder? Please post pictures. (This may be personal builds, group builds, or anything that you had a large building role in):
    Please note: That when adding pictures, please use spoilers.
    Not doing this will show you havn't read this thread properly and may decrease your chances.

    If you do not know much about prism or worldguard, then please check out the following links, look up videos, or ask a moderator to teach you.

    Prism Wiki: http://discover-prism.com/wiki/
    Worldguard Wiki: http://wiki.sk89q.com/wiki/WorldGuard

    When your application is made, it is okay to reserve the second post in the topic for more space to your moderator application or more info that you think we may want to know. Good luck!

    Yours sincerely,
    -Fallout Staff
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