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Name's staff application

Discussion in 'Fallout Staff Applications' started by MaxPower, Jun 30, 2018.

  1. MaxPower

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    Jun 25, 2017
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    What is your IGN (In game name)?
    Tribal_B (for now, it'll change when I make a new character)

    Have you joined our Discord?:

    Your timezone (GMT):
    GMT-4 (or -5, depending on daylight savings)

    Your usual play time (Per week):
    A bunch

    Why do you want to be an assistant? (Minimum 100 words):
    I already call upon the DM frequently to help me with many things from locking to looting, killing to grave robbing. I'm currently between characters and would like to start assisting and being ready to help folks once the new map rolls out. All of the hours of enjoyment and nagging of DM, preparation for the new map, and being between characters makes me feel as if I have time and energy to get started assisting.
    I would like to help guide and DM people. I'd like to be seen as someone who can be relied on to assist those in need, and always be available to DM for anyone (especially since I call for a DM so often).

    What experience have you had DM'ing on a server? (List server names as references, IPs are not desired):
    I ran an online pathfinder (d&d) game. One which I founded and grew to over 100 players. I ran weekly events for groups of 4-15, ran impromptu events for folks who wanted something to do. I mediated arguments between players, dealt punishments, warns, etc. I also instituted a team beneath me to help balance my rulings, so I wouldn't be the only one in control - leading is better with a team.
    I've created and maintained several rp focused mc servers as well.

    Do you consider your self a social type of person? (Good with people, and good at understanding their problems?) Rate your social skills from 1 - 10 (Be honest; dishonesty will be considered a negative quality) and explain what qualities you possess to prove this:
    I consider myself a highly social creature.
    By day I engage with hundreds of people, and have to always be ready to listen to problems. Occasionally I even need to provide some level of advice, which people will sometimes come back and thank me for.
    I like to talk to people and get to know them, see what their interests are, and try to communicate by using ideas they are already familiar with.
    (9 or 10 social)

    Do you consider yourself good with plugins and server management? Rate your proficiency from 1 - 10 and explain what qualities you possess to prove this:
    I've run my own servers before. I did everything for it, from renting the physical server, to installing an os, setting up a minecraft server, installing and testing plugins, creating maps, and anything else a server needs.
    (8 or 9 management)

    How well do you know Fallout lore? Rate your lore knowledge from 1 - 10:
    I'm fairly middling regarding Fallout lore, I can go over the timeline, explain major plot points, motivations for major factions. I'm more familiar with the beasts and monsters.

    Are you fluent in any other languages than English?:
    Conversational in french.

    Let's say you catch someone Flyhacking. What would you do?:
    TP them to a tiny room, address them and explain why I tp'd them to the room. Contact the rest of the team to determine a punishment.

    Two players are arguing obnoxiously over a RP fight between them and disrupting the server. What would you do?:
    First address them both in global chat. Explain they are being toxic and need to calm down. At the same time tp to them and have them explain to me in local chat what is happening. Mediate the situation and DM a combat scenario between them if they are civil and stop being toxic.
    If the choose to ignore my warning and continue to be toxic then one or both will be kicked from the server.
    If a kick is needed I'll contact the rest of the team to see how to proceed afterwards.
    Either way I'll contact the rest of staff to let them know about the issues with these players.

    A player powergames and no staff other than you is on the server. What would you do?:
    Explain to the player they are powergaming, give them a chance to rectify the behavior. If they do I'll stay nearby and continue to DM them until I am sure they are behaving.
    If they do not I'll kick them, then contact the rest of the staff afterwards.
    Either way I'll contact staff and let them know of the incident.

    Do you know how to protect regions with WorldGuard?:
    Yes (But I'm a little rusty with the commands, gonna be checking them)

    Do you know how to use Prism?:

    Are you a good builder? Please post pictures. (This may be personal builds, group builds, or anything that you had a large building role in):
    I'm not a great builder.

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