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Elisabeth Moore (Elisabeth_Moores Character application)

Discussion in 'Fallout Player Applications' started by Elisabeth_Moore, Dec 27, 2018.


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  1. Elisabeth_Moore

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    Dec 26, 2018
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    | Out of Character Information |

    In Game Name (IGN) : Elisabeth_Moore

    Have you joined our Discord? : Yes

    Age : 20

    Gender : female

    Have you read our server rules? : Yes

    Do you have any experience with serious RP servers? : With a german medival one
    On a scale of 1-10, how familiar are you with Fallout and its lore? : 4

    Define Power Gaming in your own words? : Forcing actions to other people,so they cant even do something

    Provide an example of Power Gaming. : Killing someone instantly

    Define Meta Gaming in your own words? : Using things you only know OOC at the Roleplay

    Provide an example of Meta Gaming. : Player1: *Says something about RP in OOC* Player2: *Uses the thing Player1 said in OOC
    ---] ======================== [---

    | In Character Information |

    Character name : Elisabeth Moore

    Age : 17

    Gender : female

    Race (people without permission for other races must be Wastelander, Super Mutant or Ghoul) : Wastelander

    Height : 1,76m

    Weight : 70KG

    Character appearance : Long brown hair,bright blue eyes,thin body

    Character personality : shy and very silent,fast scared when in danger

    Opinion About Mutants/Ghouls: Neutral
    Minecraft skin : https://prnt.sc/m03fyd

    D&D alignment : Humane

    ---] S.P.E.C.I.A.L [---

    You have 40 points to allocate into your special, no stat should be zero, the most a

    stat can have is 10.

    S : 4

    P : 5

    E : 6

    C : 4

    I : 9

    A : 7

    L : 5

    Do not give your character special abilities or items through your backstory. You will not be given starter items. Minimum of 300 words.

    Backstory :

    Born in a bombed house out in the wastes,Elisabeth fast saw she was not normal,she had a language problem so she cant say everything correct or understand everything said.But she never minded it,because she dont talk much,she likes to be alone or with another silent person.

    One day when she was 12 she began to use pistols and knifes and she was really good with one-handed weapons.She often killed rats,so her family has a bit more food until one day her family was killed by raiders.

    Scared of the brutality of the raiders she began to run,only to find a place to hide until the raiders are away with sucess,she wandered out in the wastes and found a caravan that taken her as a merc .Working for a very bad amount of caps she tried to get the best out of every situation,but she was scared of problems so she got fired from the caravan.

    Now she wanders the wastes searching a new home to live and wealth to have a good life,if you see her out in the wastes she will not even greet you she ist silent as a shadow and only talks if she has to,some persons she know for years not even know her voice not even her happy face,because she always looks sad like she is about to cry.But thats not important her inner spirit is always happy and hungry for new things to know about that makes her smarter and better,even if its only how to polish a knife.

    But since the last few weeks she searchs a new place to settle down,maybe for her whole life,maybe for just a few years but one thing is sure,she will not talk much and whoever is stealing her stuff will pay with a cutted throath in case she has a knife,but who knows if she ever has one...

    Write down your character’s reaction, and what he/she would do in the following scenario :
    It's your day off from doing whatever work that it is you do and you decided to spend it hanging out at the local bar and inn. After a whole day of putting down beers the bartender tells you it is late and it is almost closing time. You think to yourself that you would leave, but you got into some beef with a shady character while in the bar earlier over whether or not a Mole Rat can kill a Giant Ant, so you don't know if it would be safe to leave. This guy, he isn't here alone, so you aren't sure if he and his friends will jump you outside, plus, you forgot to bring your .44 magnum with you on your day off. If they did jump you the only thing of value you have on you are your 75 left over caps from the night, a combat knife, and your gold plated lighter. You would glance up at the room prices for a night above the bar and would read, "100 Caps a night". You look around the bar looking for other options and you see someone coming out of the restroom. You look towards the Bartender for help, she looks down trying to mind her own business, she probably knows you're in a pickle.

    What you have on you:
    x75 Caps
    x1 Combat Knife
    x1 Gold Lighter
    x1 Bottle of Vodka you purchased to take back home
    x7 Pre-War Dollars

    What do you do? : I stand in front of the bartender and asked: "Hey,I dont have enough caps for a room,so can i give you my golden lighter instead of 25 Caps?" "Well,I think it should be ok,but you have to go at 6am because this lighter is just 15 caps worth." she gave me as answer "Ok,that would be ok,thank you" I said and I walked up to my room and had a good sleep.

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