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Chevy (WHATARUCKUS's Character Application)

Discussion in 'Fallout Player Applications' started by Kinnon, Dec 16, 2018.

  1. Kinnon

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    Sep 4, 2015
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    | Out of Character Information |

    In Game Name (IGN) : WHATARUCKUS

    Have you joined our Discord? : Yes

    Age : 17

    Gender : Male

    Have you read our server rules? : Yes "Another Settlement is in Trouble!"

    Do you have any experience with serious RP servers? : Yes, many.

    On a scale of 1-10, how familiar are you with Fallout and its lore? : 8

    Define Power Gaming in your own words? : Power gaming is forcing your action upon another player without them having any chance to react.

    Provide an example of Power Gaming. : Shooting someone in the head, killing them instantly without them having any chance to react.

    Define Meta Gaming in your own words? : Meta gaming is using out of character information in character.

    Provide an example of Meta Gaming. : Applying information from discord as if it was heard in roleplay, like preparing for a planned raid you heard on discord as if you heard it in rp.

    ---] ======================== [---

    | In Character Information |

    Character name : Chevy

    Age : 19

    Gender : Female

    Race : Wastelander

    Height : 5.9

    Weight : 157 lbs

    Character appearance :

    Character personality :

    Opinion About Mutants/Ghouls: Likes/Neutral/Hates

    Minecraft skin :

    D&D alignment :

    ---] S.P.E.C.I.A.L [---

    You have 40 points to allocate into your special, no stat should be zero, the most a

    stat can have is 10.

    S : 6

    P : 5

    E : 8

    C : 6

    I : 4

    A : 10

    L : 1

    Backstory : Chevy grew up rough, having 1 Luck should say it enough. She grew up to a mother who gave death at birth and a poor scavenger father, Chevy grew up poor, and uneducated. She grew up running and hiding from danger, hauling gear, and enduring harsh winters. She never even got lucky with her scavenging, finding just enough to barely survive. Her father wasn't as hardy at her, and as her luck would go, he died when she was 10, leaving Chevy on her own. Having no where to go, she drifted from small caravan to small caravan, hoping someone would accept her. No one wanted to accept her. She had to fend for herself..

    She grew up tough, knowing how to endure hardships, physical and metal. She learned how to beg, to get the bare essentials by looking sad, but the thing she was the best at was hiding and handling firearms. When you grow up defenseless, and find something very powerful and dangerous, you become attached. When she discovered her first pistol, she was immediately in love. She would even sell food sometimes for ammo, to practice with her gun. None the less she had to sell it so she could buy water and food.

    When Chevy reached 19 years old, she realized something. For her entire life she had been doing nothing but getting by. She had been scavenging and begging just to get food and water, never destined for something greater. She realized her strengths, that she could haul gear, endure pain and hardship, and most importantly, she was quick and dexterous as could be. She may not have been smart, or lucky she had ambition. With a desire for purpose, she set off into the wasteland away from home, hoping that things would change.

    Write down your character’s reaction, and what he/she would do in the following scenario :
    It's your day off from doing whatever work that it is you do and you decided to spend it hanging out at the local bar and inn. After a whole day of putting down beers the bartender tells you it is late and it is almost closing time. You think to yourself that you would leave, but you got into some beef with a shady character while in the bar earlier over whether or not a Mole Rat can kill a Giant Ant, so you don't know if it would be safe to leave. This guy, he isn't here alone, so you aren't sure if he and his friends will jump you outside, plus, you forgot to bring your .44 magnum with you on your day off. If they did jump you the only thing of value you have on you are your 75 left over caps from the night, a combat knife, and your gold plated lighter. You would glance up at the room prices for a night above the bar and would read, "100 Caps a night". You look around the bar looking for other options and you see someone coming out of the restroom. You look towards the Bartender for help, she looks down trying to mind her own business, she probably knows you're in a pickle.

    What you have on you:
    x75 Caps
    x1 Combat Knife
    x1 Gold Lighter
    x1 Bottle of Vodka you purchased to take back home
    x7 Pre-War Dollars

    What do you do? : Chevy knew danger when she saw it. She wasn't in the best spot. Thankfully, Chevy spent many years learning how to avoid danger in the shadows. She thought the plan through her head. She would exit the main entrance of the bar, and then immediately dash towards the shadows, there was no need for blood to be spilt. She thought of what route she would do to dash around the corner, which corner, but she couldn't sit there forever. She would move eventually. She took in a breath, a sip of her vodka, and made for the door. Barely catching the eye of the shady figure, she exited, and then immediately snuck off to the right and quietly sprinted off behind the corner, peering at the door as the shady persona excited, barring a pistol - and looking very confused on where Chevy would have gone. He quickly walked straight forwards, and Chevy, quietly made for the opposite direction. She would take the long road home.
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