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Beatrice Jefferson

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by Codym1, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. Codym1

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    Aug 3, 2015
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    Character name : Beatrice Jefferson

    Age : 23

    Gender : Female

    Race (people without permission for other races must be Wastelander, Super Mutant or Ghoul) : Waster

    Height : 5'8

    Weight : 133

    Character appearance : Rather skinny girl, very pretty, she has brown hair and brown eyes, she wears a jacket and some worn jeans, along with some blue sneakers.

    Character personality : She is a very shy, timid soul, not really enjoying the company of people, rather the company of animals. Though, not being very outgoing, something about her gives off a very respectable vibe that people often follow.

    Opinion About Mutants/Ghouls: Likes/Neutral/Hates: Likes

    Minecraft skin : Will have it done soon.

    D&D alignment : Balance Neutral

    ---] S.P.E.C.I.A.L [---

    You have 40 points to allocate into your special, no stat should be zero, the most a

    stat can have is 10.

    S : 5

    P : 3

    E : 7

    C : 10

    I : 3

    A :4

    L : 8

    Do not give your character special abilities or items through your backstory. You will not be given starter items. Minimum of 300 words.

    Backstory : Beatrice Jefferson was born in St. Louis, MO, on April 4th. Her parents had abandoned her in an old warehouse, not really giving a damn about her and hoping that they could rid themselves of the burden that is a child. Luckily, Bea was picked up by a pre-war ghoul. He brought Bea back to his home on the outskirts of the war-torn city. The man had shown Bea to his wife and 2 kids, all were ghouls. They lived in a one family house, seemingly untouched by the bombs that dropped so long before. Bea grew up with the family of ghouls, they treated her like she was their own...besides the oldest son. He despised Bea, because she took all of the attention away from his parents. He would often hurt Bea, usually by kicking,

    Punching, or smacking Bea when he could. As Bea grew older, she began to hold a high regard to Animals, usually drawing them close for no reason. She, for the bulk of her pre-teen years, had a pet squirrel who often would get her sticks and stuff to make small forts and such in the backyard of her house. When Bea turned 22, her adopted parents were killed by a group of Ghoul haters. Her and her brothers were out of the house at the time, and happened to stumble upon their bodies after they returned home. The oldest son, flew into a rage and blamed Bea.”If everyone wasn’t so attracted to you, then mom and dad wouldn’t be dead!” He grabbed Bea and threw her down onto a coffee table. “I’m going to make you pay, you bitch.” He brought is fist down onto her face several times, rendering Bea unconscious. The youngest brother had intervened and stabbed his brother in the neck with a shard of glass. Bea had woken up to the fresh bodies of her brothers. The youngest seemed to have commited suicide. Bea was terrified, and was afraid to tell anyone, because she didn’t want to get hurt for living with Ghouls. She thought it would be smart to leave, and she did, wandering deeper into the state of Illinois, hoping to escape her past.

    Write down your character’s reaction, and what he/she would do in the following scenario :

    It's your day off from doing whatever work that it is you do and you decided to spend it hanging out at the local bar and inn. After a whole day of putting down beers the bartender tells you it is late and it is almost closing time. You think to yourself that you would leave, but you got into some beef with a shady character while in the bar earlier over whether or not a Mole Rat can kill a Giant Ant, so you don't know if it would be safe to leave. This guy, he isn't here alone, so you aren't sure if he and his friends will jump you outside, plus, you forgot to bring your .44 magnum with you on your day off. If they did jump you the only thing of value you have on you are your 75 left over caps from the night, a combat knife, and your gold plated lighter. You would glance up at the room prices for a night above the bar and would read, "100 Caps a night". You look around the bar looking for other options and you see someone coming out of the restroom. You look towards the Bartender for help, she looks down trying to mind her own business, she probably knows you're in a pickle.

    What you have on you:

    x75 Caps

    x1 Combat Knife

    x1 Gold Lighter

    x1 Bottle of Vodka you purchased to take back home

    x7 Pre-War Dollars

    What do you do? : She would lean over the bar and ask the man, "Ma'am, I will die if I leave this bar and I really need to sleep here tonight, can we cut some sort of deal?" Hopefully the bartender would be willing to hear her out and give her a room, and Bea would pay back the caps the following day.
  2. Bloodbolt42

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    Aug 17, 2015
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