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Aleksander Wrothswood - Post-Coalition to his Death

Discussion in 'Fallout General Talk' started by Marethyu, May 8, 2018.

  1. Marethyu

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    May 16, 2017
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    Aleksander made it back home to Partridge City successfully, and helped to resettle his townspeople. The citizens of the City were ecstatic to hear of Alek's return. Even they had heard of the Coalition's successes. He became something of an overnight celebrity and even went on to win a leadership role in the city a few years down the line. Aleksander had two children with Clara, Chelsea and Jordan. Chelsea doesn't care much for her father's successes as a politician and cares much more for her books. She has a knack for study and a naturally high IQ, she would later go on to study at the city's university, being taught by the smartest wastelanders and vault dwellers offered. Jordan, due to his father not being around much turns to crime to get by, not the brutal, thug crimes of raiders and slavers but much more subtle crimes. He inherited his father's silver tongue and used it clevery to get what he wanted. He didn't care if he had to flirt with guy or gal, if he wanted it, he was going to get it. If this approach didn't work, he wouldn't be above a killing under the table if need-be. Aleksander, nearing his death of cancer at the age of 73 regretted one thing in life, not being around enough for his family, Clara and his two children. He dies blaming himself for the way Jordan turned out and sad that Chelsea never knew her father like she was supposed too. He was, however, proud to have represented both the Coalition and Partridge Trading Company how he had in Springfield in his early years.
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