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Adriana Scoletti

Discussion in 'Accepted Applications' started by ihavenolife, Jun 19, 2017.

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  1. ihavenolife

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    Mar 14, 2015
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    | In Character Information |

    Character name : Adriana Scoletti

    Age : 23

    Gender : Female

    Race (people without permission for other races must be wastelander) : Wastelander

    Height : 5'8''

    Weight : 105 lbs

    Character appearance : Huge curves. Hips that don't lie. Breath taking facial features. Star glaring like eyes. Brown hair.

    Character personality : Extremely inappropriate. She is the daughter of Vito, and always tries to misbehave because she hates trying to be controlled.

    Minecraft skin : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/211518074120175616/326133497930579968/download_78.png

    D&D alignment : Chaotic Neutral

    ---] S.P.E.C.I.A.L [---

    You have 40 points to allocate into your special, no stat should be zero, the most a

    stat can have is 10.

    S : 4

    P : 7

    E : 5

    C : 9

    I : 5

    A : 6

    L : 4

    Backstory :

    Adriana Scoletti was by far the most beautiful of the whole Scoletti family. Out of the womb she was an adorable baby. Her first words were "Papa!" She loved her family, which includes her father, Vito, her mother, Lucrezia, her uncles, Michael and Vinny, and of course her favorite of the family, the God Son, Franco. She loved her family, but she was reckless growing up. As she matured she realized her father was very controlling and that grinded pushed her, so she went out of her way to become careless and reckless. One could say she became the town bicycle because everyone got a ride in Chicago. Her father and the rest of the family did not enjoy this because it made the family name weak, but they had to be careful of their words because Adriana is young and if you upset her- Papa Vito might not be too happy.

    Besides from upsetting her family and causing havoc in the household, she can be seen trying to sweet talk local wasters and any powerful men she can get to. To her all of her ex-boyfriends grim, they ended upfrozen, swimming with the fishes. But she didn't know that- only her uncles and her father knew. She doesn't like to get her hands dirty like the other Scoletti family members because she is young and "innocent", so she gets what she wants from looting, bugging her parents, and giving other 'favors'.

    When her family moved to Detroit, the majority of them were there for business and power opportunities, but Adriana's motives remain unclear as she lives day by day without a plan. She'll do some good stuff, she'll do some bad stuff, if she feels like it. She'll be reckless one day and then reserved the next. She's chaotic but knows when to get out of trouble. Her mission for Detroit is to do the exact same thing she did in Chicago.

    Write down your character’s reaction, and what he/she would do in the following scenario :

    It would be a cold day in Detroit when you packed up your equipment and left the safety of your refuge to find your next meal for the day. After countless hours of searching, you were gifted with several cans of dog food in the Super Duper mart. As you exit the supermarket, you see three men across the street, one of them lying on the ground appearing to be wounded. The men still standing seem to be arguing obnoxiously, though you cannot tell what about. One is armed with a rifle, the other a club. They’ve yet to notice your presence.

    Your backpack :

    1x 9mm pistol, 1 bullet in the magazine

    3x Canned dog food

    1x Bandage

    1x Pocket knife

    What do you do? :

    She would walk up to the strangers, undoing her winter jacket a tad to shove her cleavage. "Hey boys, what do we have here?" Attempting to sway them with her charm, she'd continue to talk with them and try to help loot the man and call him names while he was on the ground. Once they were finished with the poor man lying on the floor, she'd talk to them more and attempt to charm them and tell them to follow her to her home. Once inside she'd show promptly reveal she was a Scoletti, with her uncles and father sitting on the couch waiting with weapons to kill them. If a battle embarked, she'd run upstairs or away from the fight in general and only come down once it had ended. Hopefully it was to her favor, as she would take some of the loot the uncles had worked for.
  2. spscarface

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    Jul 26, 2011
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