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New Profile Posts

  1. pignessman7
    Blud iz the biggest gay
  2. thechief2
    Your Mum Gay
  3. thechief2
    Faye is Gonna Be A Strong Independent Woman
  4. CatchingTheCat
    CatchingTheCat Bloodbolt42
    no need to be greedy, I got enough to feed the needy
  5. ShankedPenguin
    Jews, am i right?
  6. thechief2
    Oof, my character card is MIA now
  7. MaxPower
    I wish i could change my account's name.
  8. Spectral24
    Stubbed a toe...I plead for death.
  9. Catherine
    not sure if was supposed to put roleplay name as account name
  10. 3nderlucy
  11. thechief2
    Yolo, just your random veteran Role Playing Nerd :P
  12. CatchingTheCat
  13. 3nderlucy
  14. James Hunt
  15. MrBank
  16. Bloodbolt42
  17. Sloth Master
    Sloth Master
    Who else gains immense joy when you slaughter Preston Garvy?
  18. Augris Gaming
    Augris Gaming
    Still awesome
  19. FNQuantum
    ** HECK **
  20. sunflower
    shoutout to all the oldies from back in the day thebigdig - deathgrimreaper