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New Profile Posts

  1. Logan Squires
    Logan Squires Bloodbolt42
    can i apply
    1. Bloodbolt42
      Jan 22, 2018 at 10:21 PM
  2. TooPro
    Anyone still here? Was thinking about making a Groupme to get in touch with old TBD members to see where we all are these days. Miss it
    1. Bloodbolt42
      Join the discord
      Jan 10, 2018
    2. TooPro
      I'm talking about a different group of players who played on the original survival server of thebigdig 4+ years ago. Looking to get back in touch with them separately.
      Jan 10, 2018
  3. Bloodbolt42
    Get a room you two
  4. josh weedly
    josh weedly Enderwings9894
    *nibbles the pony*
    1. Enderwings9894 likes this.
  5. CatchingTheCat
  6. Bloodbolt42
    I love it when people spam shit apps *dab*
  7. DMCGames
    Waiting to become a member of the server!
  8. Bloodbolt42
  9. CatchingTheCat
  10. FNQuantum
    >is less docile than usual
  11. ScribbleSketcherJeh
  12. FNQuantum
    Useless is so useless
  13. Bloodbolt42
    VV Double dab VV
  14. FNQuantum
    I hate my life
  15. Bloodbolt42
  16. The_SpartanMiner
  17. Geo
  18. Devious Paragon
    Devious Paragon
    I've taken over my step bros account! All shall fear me!
  19. CatchingTheCat
    8/10 might go to spooky blood event again
  20. allen2277_
    allen2277_ Ampayne2
    Yooo, its been a long time dude. I haven't seen you since TBDT
    1. Ampayne2
      Hey man! yea that was so long ago lol
      Nov 10, 2017