1. Hi there Guest. Enjoying the forum? Why not join up and discuss things with other forum members?
    You'll be able to join the server building project if you create an application!
  2. To all new users wanting to join Fallout: Look for guidelines in the application section, and write a builder application to help us in our building project!
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Recruitment OPEN

Welcome! The server is always looking for bright and new staff members to help us out. We go through the player made applications in this thread to help us in determining who would be a good moderator. Moderators enforce the rules and keep the server a fun and enjoyable place for all. If you think you have what it takes and meet our rules for applying, then try it out!

Rules For Applying. (These are our requirements, if you don't meet one then please don't post an application)

Been an active member for at least three weeks.
Nice and clean record on the server.
Know good English and correct grammar.
Know our forum and server rules pretty well.
Builder rank and staff's trust is helpful, but not required.

If you meet the requirements above and want to be a staff member, then try making an application! When you create your...
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Applications for Lore Masters are currently being Accepted.
We are looking to recruit people who are creative and knowledgeable in fallout lore.
We want to have our server lore readily available before the server opens, so we need anyone who thinks they might be interested to apply.

It is mandatory that you join our Discord server to become a lore master.
You can get there by going to the forum home page and clicking "Connect" on the Discord UI.

When posting your application be sure to title it as:
"[Your IGN or Forum username] Lore Master Application"

The Lore Master application goes as follows:

In Game Name (IGN) :

Did you join our Discord server? :

Do you have any experience in drafting lore for a server? :

Have you ever written a story that you shared with others? :

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No time like the present to stop being dead.

Hello to all!

Welcome to all!

The Big Dig will henceforth no longer be a skeleton of the past. Plenty of effort is being put in to build up a new server full of goodies for the roleplayer and casual player.

We’re currently working on the Fallout Roleplay portion of the server, which will be finished sooner than eventually.

We may also have fantasy roleplay and a more basic vanilla type section in the planning stages.

For now, we’d like to ask everyone to come and join the TBD Discord Server.
Even if there isn’t any real server activity yet, everyone can have plenty of fun on the Discord Server.

All you have to do is hit the “Chat” button up above.

More news to come soon, in less of a choppy format, as well!