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by spscarface at 12:02 AM
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No time like the present to stop being dead.

Hello to all!

Welcome to all!

The Big Dig will henceforth no longer be a skeleton of the past. Plenty of effort is being put in to build up a new server full of goodies for the roleplayer and casual player.

We’re currently working on the Fallout Roleplay portion of the server, which will be finished sooner than eventually.

We may also have fantasy roleplay and a more basic vanilla type section in the planning stages.

For now, we’d like to ask everyone to come and join the TBD Discord Server.
Even if there isn’t any real server activity yet, everyone can have plenty of fun on the Discord Server.

All you have to do is hit the “Chat” button up above.

More news to come soon, in less of a choppy format, as well!