The Big Dig

by spscarface at 9:18 PM
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COME ONE, COME ALL, back down to the Edge!
Slaver Shrain has replenished his stock and increased his wares! New merchandise and loyal workers a-plenty!

Times: [SUNDAY, MAY 17TH, 3PM EST - 12PM PST - 8PM GMT]

Don't Miss out to those that were not able to buy a slave in the last event. Here is another chance!
by Puraidou at 2:09 PM
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You may have noticed that the lay-out changed a little bit.

  • Other Games section, including 4 sub sections for PC, Nintendo, Playstation and XBox games.
  • Art Center, placed in the Off-Topic area for those who wish to spread art.

That is all. Enjoy your day.

by Tymon_ at 7:18 PM
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Hey guys,
Its been great seeing so many of you on the server and being keen on joining . Sadly, with so many people joining and building and stuffs, the server that i bought which is actually really small (768mb) is starting to struggle a little bit.

Which is why, I added a buycraft for the server. Of course, Ill still be paying a huge majority of the server bill, and will be looking to upgrade the server soon but i would personally be grateful for any donation at all. You choose how much to donate, with a minimum of $1. Every person that donates gets a blue color rank and their own head with more things coming soon!

To donate, simply log in and type ./buy and choose the donation package. That should direct you to the buycraft page.

Thanks for all of your support!

by spscarface at 9:07 PM
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Hello The Big Dig! This community wouldn't be what it is without wonderful players like you, so to keep the player base active, please vote to get new players in! It really helps! -TBD Fallout Staff

Mine Status:

Minecraft Server List:

Minecraft Servers:

Minecraft MP:

Minecraft Server Status:
by TheCuteChicken at 4:41 AM
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Welcome to the Forum Staff Application Area! The Forum Staff are always looking out for new helpers. We go through the player made applications in this thread to help us in determining who would be a good Forum Moderator. Forum Moderators enforce the Forum Rules and keep the forums a fun and enjoyable place for all. If you think you have what it takes and meet our requirements for applying, then try it out!

Rules For Applying. (These are our requirements, if you don't meet one then please don't post an application)

Been an active forum member for at least six months.

Nice and clean record on the server and forum.

Know good English and correct grammar.

Know our forum rules completely.


Trusted or Veteran rank is helpful, but not required.

If you meet the requirements above and want to be a staff member, then...