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The Big Dig

by TooPro at 6:49 PM
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Hey guys,
In light of recent events with Olivia9050 being banned, and her apparent departure from the server, we are hosting an auction of her items! Back in the good ol' days of TBD, I used to be the server auctioneer, auctioning banned member's items back into the community. The goal of this is to keep the items on the map in circulation, and not leave items vacant in a house so no one can touch them. Also, since diamond would be the primary way to bid on the items, it would prevent an inflation of diamonds on the server. This will be a good way to share the items amongst the server, as well as draw members onto the server. There is no set date on the auction. However, we are aiming toward next week when many are finishing up their exams and begin the summer holiday/vacation. If you are a whitelisted member and are interested in attending, please let us know! After the auction is over, we can play together and enjoy the server.

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Here is a partial list of items that will be...