1. Hi there Guest. Enjoying the forum? Why not join up and discuss things with other forum members?
    You'll be able to join the server building project if you create an application!
  2. To all new users wanting to join Fallout: Look for guidelines in the application section, and write a builder application to help us in our building project!
by TheCuteChicken at 11:31 PM
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I am here to inform you all that NOW is the perfect time to create great applications for becoming a builder or a staff member! At the moment we are looking for many new candidates for each area, so put in an application and help the server! The more people we have assisting as staff and builders, the faster the new map will come!

Builder and Staff Applications WANTED!!

~TheBigDig Staff
by TheCuteChicken at 11:52 PM
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Hello TBD Community,

This thread is to announce and inform you all of the changes that will be happening to the server.

Over the next few months (hopefully) the server will be closed so that the builders and staff can work hard on building the new map for you all to enjoy. This map will be bigger, and better and will have a new roll system that will make everything much easier for everyone over all.

The New Fallout Server will definitely be worth the wait, so in the mean time start working on your new Player Applications everyone! To be able to play on this new map, every player that wishes to play will need to re-apply and create great characters!
Also, work on your Fallout Staff Applications if you think you have what it takes! We will be considering people to possibly be working with us as an assistant after the...
by TheCuteChicken at 10:22 PM
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Welcome to TheBigDig! We are a friendly, diverse community that enjoy gaming and talking about the games we play.

We all know the feeling of being in a new environment, and that it can sometimes be difficult to start talking to people. So feel free to introduce yourself!

Just create a new thread in this area and tell us a bit about you, and you never know; you might make some friends! Haha!

I hope you enjoy your stay on the forums.

-The Forum Staff
by TheCuteChicken at 1:46 AM
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The build team is currently looking for additional assistance!

To apply, fill out the provided template.

If you're deemed acceptable, we'll bring you onto the server for a building test, the details of which, will be provided at that time.

Important; Read the rules, even if you haven't/aren't going to apply to roleplay, there are many rules not directly relating to it, and still apply to you during any time on the server.


Skype Name(A lot of building related discussions are held over skype IM and Call):

Building Experience(Servers in which you have previously assisted in building on):

Pictures of Past Build(s):

Time per week in which you can devote to building whilst heavy construction is ongoing:

Have you read the rules?:

Have you ever been banned? If so, why?

Specialty(Type of building you feel you are best at, for example; Small structures, skyscrapers, landscaping, etc.):[/B]...
by TheCuteChicken at 2:43 AM
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Welcome to the The Big Dig forum rules! These have been made to make everyone's forum experience better! So please read these before posting.
-TBD Staff

When applying to Forum Staff, please include "i red da forum rulez" in your application.

Category 1 : Mild Offenses

These offenses will get result in 1 warning point that will expire 1 month from date of issue. If you have 10+ warning points present on your account at one time, you will receive a ban until enough points expire that your account is less than 5 points. If you have 10+ warning points present on your account you will receive a permanent ban.

Multiple Posts (replying once without a break) - To keep the threads clean and concise we emphasize...